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Pediatric Gastroenterology Specialist

Highly Rated on Google

thomas meyers
July 11, 2023
BEST "bed-side manner" EVER!
Maria Armendariz
June 19, 2023
She is very kind and sweet. Takes time to listen to the patient.
Whitney Gainer
May 13, 2023
Thorough and took time to explain my son’s diagnosis and treatment. I also loved that she listened to me and my knowledge of my son when deciding treatment options. I’m very thankful we found her.
rohan dhavale
May 4, 2023
Dr Dave is very caring and professional. We loved her diagnosis approach for our 3 month old son. She took time to collect all the info and allowed my son to dictate the treatment instead of just treating the slow weight gain symptom. Anyone looking for pediatric gastroenterologist should definitely go to Dr Dave.
Myshel Terry
April 25, 2023
She got me in on quick notice. Got my son set with X-rays and blood work and helped us figure out a plan.
Kim Resnick
April 24, 2023
My daughter has been having GI issues for years. We’ve tried every medication and even after abdominal surgery we were still at a dead end. Dr Dave suggested a more homeopathic approach which was a pleasant surprise. We are working through and hoping it gives her relief. Thanks!
Sravanti Korrapati
April 10, 2023
Dr Dave took time to carefully answer our questions and explained about the diagnoses plan thoroughly. She truly make sure to thoroughly review the case before the visit. I highly recommend her.

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