Preprocedure Instructions for Lower GI Endoscopy

Dr Manisha Mona Dave pediatric gastroenterologistProcedure results and biopsies from the lower GI endoscopy (colonoscopy) will only be discussed by Dr. Dave at the scheduled follow up office appointment.  Your child (the patient) must be present at the office visit and copayment will be collected at the time of the visit.

Your insurance will be verified and you will be called with all deductible and coinsurance amounts.  Payment is due 24 hours prior to the procedure or the procedure will be cancelled.  Changes made less than 48 hours prior to the procedure will incur a $75 service fee.

On the day prior to the procedure, the pediatric anesthesiologist and procedure facility will contact you directly to discuss any further instructions.  There will be separate charges from the anesthesiologist, procedure facility, and pathologist.

All instruction will be given by Dr. Dave prior to the appointment. If you have any questions please call 972-265-8222.