Holiday Toy Warning: Cocomelon Musical Learning Watch


Holiday Toy Warning: Cocomelon Musical Learning Watch

The “musical learning watch” is marketed to children as young as three-years-old, for learning “core” skills such as telling time, counting, and “daily activities”. 

A compartment in the back contains a button or coin cell battery. These batteries are small, shiny, and very appealing to children. 

Button and coin batteries power many electronic devices. 

When these batteries meet body fluids, the battery generates a current. The current produces small amounts of sodium hydroxide, a harsh corrosive similar to lye. If the battery gets stuck somewhere in the body, the lye burns a hole at that spot and infection usually follows. The result can be serious injury, illness, long-term disability and even death.

Thousands of children are treated in emergency departments each year after ingesting either button or coin batteries. 

Parents and caregivers should be aware of the risk posed by button and coin batteries.  Keep loose and spare batteries locked away and store any product that uses button or coin batteries out of reach of young children.