How Important Is It To Chew Your Food? Well…Chew On This!

How Important Is It To Chew Your Food? Well…Chew On This!

As a society, we have become obsessed with weight loss, superfoods, supplements, what to eat, and what not to eat, but do we stop and think about “how to eat”?  When it comes to healthy eating and weight loss, one of the most overlooked but simplest of strategies is to chew your food slowly.

Many of us eat on the run or eat quickly because of hectic schedules, but chewing our food is the first step in digestion.  

Digestion Starts In The Mouth

Teeth play an important role in digestion. 

With our teeth, we bite, chew, tear, and grind down our food making it easier to swallow. 

The saliva in our mouth lubricates and helps break down food. 

The Stomach Does Not Have Teeth

Chewing food in the mouth breaks down the food for our stomach. 

While chewing, enzymes are released that begin to prepare the food so that your stomach has an easier job.

Eating fast leads to excess air being swallowed and can cause unnecessary bloating.

Unchewed food takes up more space in the stomach than chewed food which then creates bloating and slows down the entire digestive process.

Acid refluxing up from the stomach occurs more often when food is eaten quickly compared to when food is slowly chewed.

Chewing Your Food Helps Your Waistline

Research has shown that people who chew their food and eat slower consume fewer calories and feel fuller than those who eat quickly.

Research has shown that chewing more during meals reduces snacking later in the day.

Practice Chewing

Place food in your mouth, close your lips, and start chewing. 

Use your tongue to move the food from side to side and slightly rotate your jaw.

Chew slowly and count to 32 with each bite of food (slightly more or less time may be required depending on the type of food but the science behind an average of 32 chews is sound!)

By focusing on chewing many times, you will eat slower, improve your digestion, eat less, and truly enjoy your eating experience!