You’re Full of Bugs!

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You’re Full of Bugs!

You have tens of trillions of tiny bugs living inside your gut.  Our gut bugs, or gut microbiota, are unique to each of us.  We have more than 3 million microbial genes in our gut microbiota.  That means we have 150 times more microbial genes than in the human genome.  In total, your gut bugs weigh up to 5 pounds!

Our gut microbiota is needed for key physiological functions and has a direct impact on our health.  Our gut microbiota interacts with our immune system to create a barrier effect.  When this gut barrier is disrupted, diseases occur such as food allergies, infections, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, obesity, diabetes, and anxiety.

Learn more about your gut microbiota by watching this VIDEO.

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