Back To School Lunch Tip

Back To School Lunch Tip

#1 School Lunch Tip: Swap that sugary drink for WATER.

For children, the number one source of added sugar is not what they eat, it is what they drink!

Children who drink more than 10% of their daily calories ​from added sugars are more likely to have: 

  • higher “bad” LDL cholesterol
  • higher triglycerides
  • lower heart protective HDL cholesterol
  • increased risk for type 2 diabetes
  • obesity
  • cavities

Beverage companies spend millions in marketing to adults and children. Most teens see at least one advertisement for a sugary drink every day!

To reduce over consumption of sugary drinks and halt the epidemic of obesity and diabetes, we need comprehensive action plans that combine education and restriction of marketing of sugary drinks to our children. Studies have shown that for every 10% increase in price of a sugary beverage, consumption goes down by 7%.

Advertising, serving, and promoting sugary beverages continues to occur our schools. Do you know what beverages are being served in your child’s school? If you are not satisfied with the choices available in your child’s school cafeteria, get involved in your school’s parent-teacher organization and brainstorm some healthier alternatives like WATER.

Parents often underestimate the influence their own beverage habits have on their children. Set an example and swap your own sugary drink for WATER!