Celiac Disease Training Guide

Celiac Disease Training Guide

Does Your Child or Someone You Know Have Celiac Disease?

Hot Off the Press: The Celiac Disease Foundation has just released an excellent educational training guide! 

The Celiac Disease Management for Learning Environments Training Program is a self-paced video series and companion guide. Enroll here for the training program and click to get the guide.

The training program instructs schools how to implement accommodations required by the Americans with Disabilities Act for children with celiac disease and assists physicians and patient families in structuring a 504 plan, based upon what is medically and psychologically necessary for children to succeed at school. 

The training program is available to:

  • Educators
  • Food Service Providers 
  • Patient Families 

Please share it with your schools and school districts.

If you would like more information about gastrointestinal (GI) digestive disorders and nutrition in children, please contact us.