Poop Like a Pro: Try Squatting

Poop Like a Pro: Try Squatting

Research shows that when you Squat to Poop:

  • Pressure in the belly is lower
  • Less straining is required to evacuate stool
  • The rectum straightens allowing for a straight shot out
  • Stool comes out quicker
  • Reduces the risk of constipation, anal fissures and hemorrhoids 

How to Squat on a Toilet:

  • Place a stool in front of the toilet
  • Place your feet on the stool so your knees are above your hips

Any foot stool will can help you squat, but there are also stools designed specifically for the squatting position.  

Some of the most popular squatting stools are:

If you struggle with stooling, learn to Poop like a Pro and try Squatting!