A FREE App for People with Gluten Issues

Erin Heidenreich, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), has celiac disease. Erin understands the physical, emotional, and mental hurdles faced by those in our community who are gluten-free. 

Erin helped develop Spoonful!, a new app for gluten-free grocery shopping.

Open the app and scan the barcode of a food product. The app then analyzes its ingredients and looks for any gluten-free claims. As a result, the user will see the product color:

GREEN: It’s gluten-free. This is determined either by a certified gluten-free statement, gluten-free claim, or all naturally gluten-free ingredients.

YELLOW: It has some ingredients in it that may be sourced from a gluten-containing item. For example, natural flavors or yeast extract. You can then tap on each questionable ingredient to learn more about it.

RED: The product is not gluten-free.

Spoonful! goes beyond basic label scanning and into new product discovery. It’s hard to find new, interesting products, especially if you haven’t been gluten-free for very long. To help with this, each product a user scans gets added to a feed that you can search and filter depending on what you’re after. For example, if you can’t have gluten-containing crackers, you can easily find a gluten-free option from the feed and add it to your shopping list.

Spoonful! is FREE.  Download the app and start using it!